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UN calls on Iraq to increase women's leadership roles

Iraqi women show off their ink stained fingers after voting in the provincial elections - File photo

The United Nations called on Iraq to set up an institution dedicated to women, as more than half the population is made up of women, yet no woman has been placed in a leading position.

"Women's political and social empowerment reminds us of the political change and important social progress that Iraq is witnessing, and there are many qualified and willing women to perform leading roles in the local and national arenas," UN Deputy Special Representative Alice Walpole said in a speech at the 10th Congress on Combating Violence Against Women under the auspices of National Wisdom Movement leader Ammar al-Hakim.

"Iraq is the first country in the region to draw up a national plan of action to implement the measures stipulated in the Security Council resolution to empower women," Walpole added.

However, she stated, "It is frustrating that qualified women are absent from local and national decision-making structures."