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Kuwait’s deputy FM says ‘Arab NATO’ not only focused on Iran

Khaled al-Jarallah
Khaled al-Jarallah

Kuwait’s Deputy Foreign Minister Khaled al-Jarallah said that the Middle East Coalition, or the so-called “Arab NATO”, would be able to face the region’s many challenges and is not only focused on Iran.

Jarallah said in a press statement, "I do not call it the Arab NATO, but I call it the Middle East Coalition, which is represented in a proposal presented by the United States to establish an alliance in the Middle East on many levels, including security."

He pointed out that the alliance aims to protect the interests of its member states, namely the GCC countries, in addition to Egypt and Jordan.

Regarding the opinion some that the new alliance is directed against Iran, Jarallah said, "This opinion could be wrong. I confirm that the coalition aims to meet many challenges in the region, and therefore not only to talk about Iran, but there are a number of challenges, foremost of which is the fight against terrorism."