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PUK holds on to Kirkuk governance, says constitutional right

Ariz Abdullah
PUK Board Member Ariz Abdullah

The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) announced on Saturday it is holding on to the governance of Kirkuk, north of Baghdad, refusing to hold any political deals to appoint a new governor through political consensus.

PUK Board Member Ariz Abdullah stressed that the constitution grants the union the right to appoint a governor for Kirkuk, instead of current governor Rakan al-Jubouri.

"The Union managed to pull off the highest performance in local and parliamentary elections in Kirkuk. The central government has to re-normalize the situation in the province,” Abdullah added.

The PUK candidate for the governor post is Razkar Ali, according to Abdullah.

In an earlier statement, PUK spokesperson Saadi Ahmed Pira said earlier in a press statement that there will be no compromise on the Kirkuk governor post, adding that it is PUK's right, as it amassed 50 percent of the votes in the governorate.

Last Modified: Saturday، 13 October 2018 01:33 PM