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Iraqi 15-year-old 'King of Instagram' brutally murdered, captured

14-year-old Hamoudi Mutairi

A horrible footage of the brutal murder of an Iraqi teen has gone viral in the past few days.

Once dubbed as the “King of Instagram”, 14-year-old known as Hamoudi Mutairi on social media, was brutally stabbed to death last weekend under suspicions he was “homosexual.”

The murder took place near the victim’s home in the upmarket neighborhood of Yarmouk.

Preliminary reports say an unknown number of assailants kidnapped Mutairi from his neighborhood, suspecting he was gay, and repeatedly stabbed him in the stomach.

In the graphic video, which captured Hamoudi’s last breaths, he can be seen lying on the ground while bleeding profusely.

The details of the crime are yet to be uncovered and it remains unclear who is responsible for sharing the video.

A voice off camera started asking Mutairi questions about his name, his boyfriend, and where did he live.

“What’s that hanging from my stomach?” Dying Mutairi wondered, in pain and semi-conscious. “It’s your guts!” the voice behind the camera replied.

Mutairi’s last words before the video ended was, “I want to see my mother.”

This murder follows the death of four Iraqi social media figures in less than a month.

The first was Rafif al-Yasiri, a plastic surgeon who ran a successful plastic surgery clinic in Baghdad, while a week later, founder of the Viola Beauty Centre Rasha al-Hassan was found dead as well.

The following week, activist and businesswoman Soad al-Ali was shot several times while traveling in a car in the southern city of Basra.

Two days later, 22-year-old Instagram model Tara Fares, was shot dead in her car in Baghdad.