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Abdul Mahdi’s online initiative to form cabinet.. Good intentions not enough

Prime Minister Adil Abdul Mahdi’s window for governmental applications closed on Thursday at 4 pm, to start a new phase of sorting out the applications and choose the proper candidates to occupy the 22 governmental portfolios.

Sources affirmed that the website received approximately 50,000 applications from citizens, as the higher education portfolio alone received 1,500 applicants.

On Monday, Abdul Mahdi announced the website, inviting Iraqi men and women who meet the constitutionally-defined requirements to apply for the cabinet, to be closed after three days. Applications are open to anyone who has the practical experience and competence is welcome to nominate him/herself for a cabinet position, according to a statement from Abdul Mahdi’s office. Candidates must fill in an online form and submit their curriculum vitae.

No doubt, Abdul Mahdi has broken the mold, by opening the doors to the public to put their name forward for a cabinet position, however, screening 50k applications, not to mention the parties’ recommendations, would require much more time than the 30-day deadline determined by the constitution.

He hasn’t even determined the mechanism he will follow in sorting out the applicants, nor the committee that will be mandated to do so, or their affiliation. 

And let’s face it, three days is not enough period for someone to decide to run for a governmental post or even nominate an eligible candidate.

Moreover, selecting ministers from anonymous candidates will not be welcomed by parties and coalitions which built deals and understandings with different entities to be represented in the new government. That might ignite some undesirable consequences among political powers.

The new prime minister has the faith that such website will contribute in founding a database of eligible candidates, not only for this government, but in any upcoming one, as well as other institutional posts, as he said in his statement on Tuesday, and this could be an advantage of the website.

Cabinet ministers must be Iraqi citizens with a college degree or equivalent, under terms of the constitution. 

Candidates must also identify their political affiliation, if any, and submit a short statement on leadership and practical solutions to resolve problems facing the ministry they hope to head up.
Last Modified: Thursday، 11 October 2018 08:55 PM