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Iranian resistance: Regime uses executions to terrorize protesters

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In conjunction with the 16th International Day Against the Death Penalty on October 10, the Iranian resistance expressed its fears over the increasing pace of executions in Tehran, explaining that the regime of Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei is responding to the demands of protesters with "mass executions" to instill an atmosphere of terror.

The Iranian resistance, represented by the Mujahedin-e-Khalq (MEK) based in Paris, stressed that the regime’s campaigns of arrests and continuing executions will not affect the uprising of the Iranian people. The statement pointed out that the resistance is determined not to be silent or complacent until the regime is overthrown.

A report on executions in Iran this year recorded about 223 executions until the beginning of October. The statement also revealed that Iran recently executed five minors under the age of 18, three women, and 10 prisoners in secret, which means the total number of executions is unknown and likely to increase.


Iranians have been demonstrating for months against the regime due to Tehran's support of terrorism and the country's failing economy. Unemployment in Iran is extremely high at a time when the currency has fallen against the dollar and oil revenues are quickly fading with sanctions by the administration of US President Donald Trump.