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Khashoggi’s disappearance: The straw that broke Qatar's back

Khashoggi’s disappearance: The straw that breaks Qatar's back

Qatar and its puppet, the Muslim Brotherhood group, is still spreading lies to threaten the stability and security of the countries in the Middle East. The disappearance of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi in Istanbul is a new page of Qatar's book of lies and plots that aim to launch new conflict between the regional countries and in this case between two of the most important countries in the region namely Saudi Arabia and Turkey.


Qatar's media is the only one around the world that is preceding the joint investigations launched by the Turkish and Saudi authorities, claiming that Khashoggi was killed inside the Saudi consulate in Istanbul.


And these lies reveal the stupidity of the Qatari media especially that Saudi Arabia is not a terrorist group like the Muslim Brotherhood in order to get rid of those who express their opinion and history can assert that Riyadh had never assassinated opponents.


But Qatar and its militias are well-known of killing and terrorizing millions of civilians and a number of countries in the region. And like what happened in Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Syria, Yemen and of course Iraq, Islamists had triggered the so-called Arab Spring to overthrow regimes in these countries claiming that they want to spread the norms of freedom and democracy but the peoples of these countries discovered that these terrorist groups had only wanted to rule these countries. Some of these countries had early discovered the plot so they saved their countries from falling into an abyss while other did not discover the plot and fall into the abyss of instability and security and even the divison of their own territories.


A new Muslim Brotherhood plot


The Muslim Brotherhood, which was also drumbeating falsehood related to Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi’s disappearance in Istanbul, was exposed when Khashoggi’s family reaffirmed their confidence in the measures being taken by the Saudi government.


The Muslim Brotherhood’s lies were refuted when Khashoggi’s family rejected any move to exploit the case for any dubious political agenda.

They Muslim Brotherhood supporters around the world spread fake news about the death of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi. They all tweet almost the same tweets simultaneously with confidence. No one speaks about such “irrefutable facts” except those who are deeply involved in a crime. In criminology, investigators expose criminals by probing such things.

It is crystal clear who is benefiting from such crime. Everybody read about and watched the band of Qataris and Muslim Brotherhood. They are the biggest liars, as they circulate lies about Jamal’s disappearance. They just disseminate lies and fabrications,.

Their hysteria has reached such a level of inhumanity and lack of professionalism that they are ready to circulate fake stories about finding his mutilated body. They have no qualms in spreading such fabrications via tweets and even on their media channels.


Khashoggi has never been a callous dissident. Indeed, his recent tweets indicated his wish to return to his country. At this point, one should search for those who gain the most by raising such a noise and orchestrating such a media circus following his disappearance with the intention of disparaging the Kingdom’s image. They clearly intend to take advantage of this situation for disgraceful political purposes.

The statement by the Saudi Consul General refutes all lies and fabrications. The consulate has granted members of the media freedom of movement inside the consulate. It opened every room and cupboard for the media. This confirms the Kingdom’s confidence in its position as well as in its policies. In this regard, Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman asserted: “We have nothing to hide!”


The results of investigations will be announced. Those involved in the drama of Jamal’s disappearance after leaving the Saudi Consulate will face severe penalties.

It is most likely that Doha is involved in this. There was nothing left with which to create a crisis against Saudi Arabia, but to commit crimes in order to attempt to damage its reputation. The regime of the Two Hamads has been striving for the past 22 years to achieve this end.

Qatar's fear of Khashoggi

In the past period, Khashoggi told his friends that he had enough of Qatar and the Muslim Brotherhood after he found that they are just a punch of liars who aim to spread instability and insecurity in the region via paying billions of dollars to armed militias and fake media to spread their heinous ideology.


Khashoggi contacted a Saudi diplomat and met him, urging him to help him to return to his homeland in order to announce to the Saudi king and his crown prince how he was misled by Qatar and the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood group.


But Qatar's spies and agents knew about Khashoggi's intention and decided to get rid of him before he tells the Saudi authorities about its secrets and plots.


The disappearance of Khashoggi by Qatar and Muslim Brotherhood succeeded in shutting up Khashoggi who was willing to reveal all their plots but it will fail to disrupt the Saudi-Turkish relations.

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