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Former French intel. director calls on EU to be firm against Iran

A former French security official said that the Iranian regime is practicing "state terrorism" in Europe, calling on European countries to take firmer measures against Tehran and withdraw from the Iranian nuclear agreement like the United States did.

Yves Bonnet, former director of France’s domestic intelligence agency, described the attempt to blow up an Iranian opposition conference in a suburb of Paris more than three months ago as "a sly game by Tehran, which wants two birds with one stone."

"Tehran wants to strike the opposition abroad, and on the other hand sends threatening messages to the European Union to pressure it not to withdraw from the nuclear agreement,” he added.

On Tuesday, Bonnet warned the Europeans against falling into the trap of the Iranian regime, calling on them to withdraw from the nuclear deal with Tehran and follow the example of France, which froze Iranian assets.

Last week, the French government announced freezing funds belonging to Iranian intelligence and two Iranian nationals on charges of planning an attack on an Iranian opposition meeting on June 30.

In addition, Bonnet warned European countries of the danger of granting security to the Iranian regime, calling for more aggressive action against the clerical regime, adding that Iran’s embassies and consulates are staging points for the regime’s terrorist activities in Europe and around the world.

Bonnet asserted that, since the Iranian revolution in 1979, the regime has devoted its resources to terrorism, pointing out that Iran has a history of political assassinations in Europe.

The former intelligence director explained that Iran harbors a large number of terrorists and trains them to carry out assassinations, bombings, kidnappings and other terrorist attacks in Europe.

He also condemned the Iran’s violations of international law after it was found guilty of targeting a restaurant in the German capital Berlin, which resulted in the issuance of an international arrest warrant against senior officials of the Iranian regime in Germany, Switzerland and Argentina.

Bonnet also stressed that the EU erred when it gave security to Iran after the nuclear agreement was signed in 2015, adding the acquiring nuclear weapons remains the primary goal of the mullah regime. He asserted that despite the apparent rotation of power between moderates and conservatives, Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei always has the final word and full authority.

According to Bonnet, Europeans' fault lies in lifting the sanctions on Iran and granting it concessions without sufficient verification of its commitment to denuclearization. He called on the EU to take a firmer stance against Tehran, especially following the terrorist attack in Paris.