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Iraqi boy murdered over his appearance, gov't silence normalizes act

Mahmoud al-Mutairi
Mahmoud al-Mutairi

Mahmoud al-Mutairi, a 15-year-old boy from Iraq, was killed because his appearance, dress and behavior were not standard for his gender and so he was suspected of being homosexual.


Rasha Al Aqeedi, managing editor of Irfaa Sawtak (Raise Your Voice), posted on her Twitter account that the boy's "final moments are caught on camera" and that "his final words were 'I want to see my mother'", adding that Iraq's "political arrangement" has normalized such violent acts.


His final moments are caught on camera. His final words were "I want to see my mother". These attacks are not random and it's time we stopped pretending that our current political arrangement, under a pretext of security and fighting ISIS, didn't normalize this


Murders of women and non-traditional people by gangs continues in the country, backed by the silence of the Iraqi government.