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Salih stresses need to activate laws issued on Basra

Water contamination crisis is worsening in Basra amid complete gov’t silence
President Barham Salih said Tuesday that he is aware of the suffering of the people of Basra and is following their demands, needs and aspirations. He added that he plans to work on more than one level to achieve them, expressing his intention to cooperate fully with the next government to take action on the situation facing the province.

Salih stressed the need of activating laws issued on Basra, including the water resources law, and working to solve the problems of water, electricity, housing, unemployment and schools. He expressed his strong confidence in making Basra a cultural capital for the Islamic world.

The president stated that, if necessary, constitutional provisions concerning the provinces and their relationship with the federal government would be applied, adding that the budget would be released in a timely manner and not hindered.

Salih also expressed his interest in mobilizing regional and international support to address the issue of water and encouraging investments to rebuild Basra and modernize it at all levels, hoping that it will return to being one of the most important metropolises in the Gulf, as it has been throughout history.

He called on the Basra authorities to provide an objective plan for the province’s needs and required projects.
Last Modified: Wednesday، 10 October 2018 12:49 AM