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Czech counter-intelligence agency disrupts Hezbollah hackers

The Mabna Institute is accused of hacking at least 320 universities worldwide
The Czech counter-intelligence agency said it has contributed to disrupting Lebanese Hezbollah hackers.

Czech counter-intelligence chief Michal Koudelka said in a statement on Monday that “false accounts of beautiful girls” led to contacts in Europe and the Middle East, who would then inattentively install a mobile app, allowing the hackers to take control of their devices and access pictures and sensitive information.

"We identified the victims of the hacker activists and identified the sources of the attacks, and according to our information, the servers of the hackers were disabled," Koudelka stated, adding that the attacks took place from servers in Europe and the US, but had originated from the Middle East.

He recommended mobile users not to respond to various offers from unknown sources on social networking sites.