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Abdul Mahdi urges citizens to vote on ministers through new website

Prime Minister Adil Abdul Mahdi

Prime Minister Adil Abdul Mahdi thanked the Iraqi citizens for interacting with the newly-launched website where they elect eligible names who can occupy posts in the upcoming government.

“Such turnout to the website indicates citizens’ trust in government, which we appreciate,” Abdul Mahdi said in official statement on Tuesday.

The prime minister asserted that such website will contributes in founding a database that narrows the citizens’ desires in persons they want to govern, not only in this government, but in any upcoming one, as well as other institutional posts.

Iraq’s new prime minister has broken the mold, opening the doors to the public to put their name forward for a cabinet position.

Abdul Mahdi set up the website, inviting Iraqi men and women who meet the constitutionally-defined requirements to apply for the cabinet. The window for applications is open for three days, closing 4pm on October 11.

Applications are open to anyone who has the practical experience and competence is welcome to nominate him/herself for a cabinet position, according to a statement from Abdul Mahdi’s office. Candidates must fill in an online form and submit their curriculum vitae.

Cabinet ministers must be Iraqi citizens with a college degree or equivalent, under terms of the constitution.

Candidates must also identify their political affiliation, if any, and submit a short statement on leadership and practical solutions to resolve problems facing the ministry they hope to head up, according to AFP.

Thousands of people have responded to the website, according to a statement from Abdul Mahdi’s office late Tuesday afternoon.

He said they are carefully screening candidates and building a database that will be useful for forming the government and for future business.


Visit the website:

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