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Interior Ministry launches security campaign after 2-yo raped, murdered

Iraqi Interior Minister Qassim al-Araji interrogating killer of a two-year-old child.

There is no doubt that weak performance of government and security authorities contribute significantly to the increase in murder crimes against civilians.

These crimes, however, become even more threatening when committed against children. Worse still, most of these murders begin with rape.


A two-year-old murder

In Baghdad, a man managed to lure a two-year-old kid to an abandoned building just to rape, murder and abandon him sinking in his own blood.

This was not the first incident against children in light of the absence of law enforcement against murderers and rapers and the unstable economic and social environment in Iraq.


Interior Ministry probes crime

Iraqi Interior Minister Qassim al-Araji has launched a campaign to enforce all the suspended arrest orders to probe into recurring crimes.

A footage, released by the Interior Ministry on Sunday, showed Araji interrogating the suspect over the horrible crime that he committed against fatherless two-yearJafar Haitham.


Activists demand execution

Hundreds of activists have expressed resentment over the incident, demanding the government and Iraq’s judiciary to execute the killer after his conviction.

Activist Muntazar Ali said the murderer should be executed in the same crime scene, pointing out to the necessity of deterring punishments.

Another blogger said if the murderer is rich, or has any affiliations to political parties, he will skip punishment.

Moreover, many citizens tend to solve their disputes through tribal sessions that often stipulate financial compensations to be handed to the victim’s tribe. However, observers find this as indication to how weak law is in Iraq.