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Iran faces worst crisis in the past 75 years

Rouhani accuses media outlets directed by Khamenei of spreading rumors
Khamenei and Rouhani
Recent reports affirmed that Iran is suffering from the worst economic crisis in the past 75 years, which indicates to a potential uprising of the people of Iran, protesting the deteriorating conditions and the price hikes due to the sanctions imposed by the US and the misuse of power by the Mullah regime.

According to the state-owned news agency IRNA, about 50 economic experts have written an open letter to the government, warning from the disastrous impact of the local currency deterioration, blaming what they called “the false economic policies” for the Iranian families’ suffering from the highest inflation Iran has witnessed since WWII.

“The tocsin is ringing; conditions are more dangerous than one can imagine. The fourth fall of the local currency is destroying everything,” the letter reads.

Experts see that the wrong economic policy of the current administration has resulted in increasing the inflation to more than 60 percent, as well as the failure in managing the basic commodities market, and adjusting the prices.

In the past few weeks, the Iranian riyal fell back before the dollar ($1= 200,000 Riyal), despite the government’s procedures to control the dollar’s value, by pouring foreign currency to markets and preventing the selling of dollars in banks.

The failure in enhancing the state’s economy resulted in demanding the stepping down of Hassan Rouhani’s government by a various spectrum of Iranians, including the MPs of the fundamentalists inside the parliament, who indicated to summoning Rouhani’s ministers for inquiries and withdraw trust from his government.

At the same time, a major price hike prevailed in fruits’ market, due to the currency deterioration. Some fruits’ prices increased 47.5 percent like bananas, and apple increased by 40.8 percent and tomato 24.3 percent in September, comparing to the same time last year, while other commodities witnessed an increase that reached about 60 percent and 120 percent.

Iranians took to social media to complain about the inflation, saying it rocked all services and commodities, which led a wide spectrum of Iranian families to express their frustration over the neglecting of Iranian officials. 

It is a matter of time in which the Mullah regime will fall apart, while the Iranian people are suffering from the regime’s stubbornness and support to terrorism.
Last Modified: Sunday، 07 October 2018 09:23 PM