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Houthi militias barricade Sanaa university, deploy tanks around campus

University of Sanaa
Houthi militias in Yemen closed down the University of Sanaa and deployed tanks and armored vehicles around the campus to intimidate students.

The militias also used military displays to separate protesters who stood at the main entrance of the university, Al-Arabiya news channel reported on Saturday.

Meanwhile, local sources in Sanaa said that the Houthi militias tightened security measures and launched search campaigns to prevent citizens from walking towards Tahrir Square in the city’s center.

According to the sources, Houthi militias deployed their army on the streets and neighborhoods near Tahrir Square, along with military vehicles to patrol the capital.

The militias also placed security checkpoints to stop and search citizens and arrested those who refused to cooperate.

The sources added that the Houthis have launched search campaigns targeting hotels and rest-stops in the capital, which resulted in the arrest of several young people who were not carrying their personal identification cards.
Last Modified: Saturday، 06 October 2018 04:12 PM