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Deputy Speaker demands security measures to eliminate terrorism

FILE: First Deputy Speaker of Iraq's House of Representatives Hassan Karim al-Kaabi
First Deputy Speaker Hassan Karim al-Kaabi

First Deputy Speaker Hassan Karim al-Kaabi demanded on Saturday a plan to address flaws in Iraq’s security system.

In a statement that followed two explosions that targeted the Iraqi city of Fallujh, Kaabi also called for an immediate action against sleeper-cell terrorists.

Moreover, the Shia MP called upon security authorities to unite their efforts to eliminate terrorism once and for all.

In one of the two attacks, a roadside bomb exploded as a minibus carrying roughnecks on their way to work in al-Siniya refinery near Baiji city in Salahuddin, killing one and injuring at least 10 others, security sources said.

The second explosion took place in the western city of Fallujah where a car bomb detonated in the center of the city.

No groups claimed responsibility for either of the two attacks, so far.

Last Modified: Saturday، 06 October 2018 02:43 PM