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EU Amb. poisoned from Basra's water

EU Amb. Ramon Blecua
EU Amb. Ramon Blecua
EU Ambassador to Iraq Ramon Blecua, who arrived in Basra Wednesday on an official visit, suffered from poisoning from the contaminated water in the province.

In a press statement, Blecua said that he is suffering from poisoning, forcing him to cancel a number of events on his agenda in Basra, including a previously planned visit to the Bida water project.

He stated that he had received treatment while conducting his work meetings at his residence in the hotel. His doctor informed him that eating off a dish that had been washed with the water was enough to be poisoned, Blecua added.

This comes after Basra has recorded more than 100,000 cases of poisoning, according to the latest statistics issued by the Human Rights Office. The number of cases was recorded in government hospitals only, so it is believed that the numbers exceed that figure.

Last Modified: Friday، 05 October 2018 02:51 AM