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Barzani phones Iraq's newly appointed PM; calls him 'friend' of Kurds

Barzani phones Iraq's newly appointed PM; calls him 'friend' of Kurds

Leader of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) Masoud Barzani spoke by phone on Thursday to Iraqi Prime Minister-Designate Adil Abdul-Mahdi, describing him as a "friend" of Kurdistan's people, Kurdistan 24 reported.

Following his election to the post of president by parliament on Tuesday, Barham Salih named Abdul-Mahdi, a former Iraqi vice president, as Prime Minister-Designate and tasked him with forming the next government. According to procedures laid out in the nation's constitution, he will have 30 days to submit his cabinet to parliament for approval.


"In the phone call, president Barzani described Abdul-Mahdi as a friend of the people of Kurdistan," began a short description of the conversation published by Barzani's office.


Barzani, formerly the president of the Kurdistan Region, expressed his "full" support for the efforts of Abdul-Mahdi to form the federal government of Iraq and wished him success in these endeavors.


The statement highlighted that the KDP leader had said he was sure that Abdul-Mahdi would "keep in mind" the interests of Iraq and Kurdistan.