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Abdul Mahdi to live outside Green Zone

Abdul Mahdi
Adil Abdul Mahdi

A source has stated that Prime Minister-designate Adil Abdul Mahdi intends to live outside the Green Zone.

The source said, according to Russian RT TV, that Abdul Mahdi, who lives in the Karrada area near the Green Zone, is looking to stay there or somewhere else other than the fortified Green Zone, explaining that Abdul Mahdi wants to engage with the Iraqi street and encourages other politicians to live among the people.

This would make Abdul Mahdi the first prime minister of Iraq since 2003 to live outside the Green Zone.

The Green Zone is located in central Baghdad and is also called the International Zone. It includes government offices and diplomatic missions, most notably the US embassy, as well as the United Nations and European Union missions.


Last Modified: Thursday، 04 October 2018 09:35 PM