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Khatami warns of revolution, coup in Iran

Former Iranian President Sayyed Mohammed Khatami

Former Iranian President Mohammad Khatami has warned of a coup or revolution in Iran if the situation in the country continues as is.

"When a society is dissatisfied with the status quo, they are not heard at all, their needs and issues are not dealt with, and the windows of dialogue, criticism and freedom of expression are closed by legal means, then either a coup or a revolution will occur," Khatami said before a number of victims of the Iraq-Iran War.

The former president continued, "Today the windows of dialogue and expression have been closed, and everyone who speaks out about his country's situation is facing a variety of accusations and insults. The problems remain unresolved, but we have not reached a dead end. However, we must change the methods and policies to make reforms in the structure of the regime."

Khatami's proposals include creating and strengthening solidarity, changing the vision of the state media, creating an open and secure political space, reducing the circle of external interference, releasing all political and religious prisoners, removing excessive restrictions, eliminating extremism and making the government accountable.

In his remarks, Khatami warned of the inevitable collapse of the regime if it does not undergo reforms, adding that the frustration of citizens often leads to serious and destructive problems. Urging change, he stated, "If we correct ourselves, nothing will threaten us."

Khatami, who served as Iran’s president from 1997-2005 during the country’s "reform period", has faced many restrictions since 2013, in addition to a prohibition on the publication of news or photographs of him in the government media, and he was also banned from attending various celebrations and events.