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Goran: KDP secures over 40 seats in Kurdistan Parliament

Khasro Goran, the head of the KDP's election office, said that his party will secure over 40 seats in the Iraqi Kurdistan Parliament, according to the preliminary results of Kurdistan region's parliamentary elections that took place Sunday.

In a press conference, Goran affirmed that the party garnered about 45 percent of the electorate's votes, which is about 570,000 votes.

He added that the number of parliamentary seats for the KDP could reach up to over 44 seats.

The parliamentary election in Kurdistan witnessed a high turnout in the capital Erbil, which reached 58.57 percent, according to Erbil's official in the Kurdistan Region's Independent High Elections and Referendum Commission (IHERC).
Last Modified: Tuesday، 02 October 2018 01:07 AM