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Tara Fares unveils her murderer's identity in old video

Tara Fares

A video circulating on social media has introduced a reason why ex runner-up Miss Iraq Tara Fares was killed.

In the footage shared by social media users, Fares appears speaking about a religious official who asked her to marry him illegitimately, temporarily and privately, in a way known by Twelver Shiite Islam as 'pleasure marriage.'

Fares denounced the official's demand saying that this person and similar people have double standards, by allowing themselves to do what they enjoy, while prohibiting others from enjoying the same pleasure.

Pleasure marriage is a temporary marriage contract in which the marriage duration must be specified and agreed upon in advance.

Fares asserted that she is more honorable (righteous) than Iraq's Parliament female members, and Iraqi female politicians, saying: "Tara did not insult anybody, did not [deal] with sectarianism," adding that she has never discriminated between Sunnis and Shiites or stole people's money.

Fares, a prominent former beauty queen with nearly 3 million followers on Instagram, was killed after gunmen opened fire on her on Thursday in Baghdad's Camp Sarah neighborhood.

Doctors told local media she had died after suffering three bullet wounds. Sources told Baghdad post that the murderers fired three gunshots at her head and chest and then fled the crime scene.”

The 22-year-old lived in Erbil, the capital of Iraqi Kurdistan, but regularly visited Baghdad. Her death comes just days after the death of Suad al-ali, an Iraqi human rights activist who was shot and killed just before she could get in her car in the southern city of Basra.


Last Modified: Friday، 28 September 2018 10:59 PM