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Shiraz mayor apologizes for billboard poster with 'Israeli soldiers'

Billboard with Israeli soldiers
The billboard with Israeli soldiers in Namazi Square in the southern Iranian city of Shiraz

Iranian authorities used a picture of Israeli soldiers on a billboard that was erected to mark the Iran-Iraq war in the southern Iranian city of Shiraz.

The billboard caused uproar among Iranian social media users as the picture went viral online.

The original photo, depicting three man and a woman in Israeli military uniforms carrying M-16s, however, it was edited to remove the female soldier and change the background a bit.

The Islamic City Council of Shiraz immediately issued a statement condemning the matter and calling for an immediate investigation into the incident.

Shiraz’s Mayor, Haider Askenderpour, apologized to the people of the city and called for “serious action” toward those who produced the poster.

Local authorities hung the billboard on Saturday in Namazi Square with a quote from a poet commemorating “martyrs” of the country’s eight-year conflict with Iraq.

Last Modified: Friday، 28 September 2018 01:39 PM