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Saudi-led coalition in Yemen criticises UN rights mission, Iran violations

Houthis in Yemen
Tribal fighters loyal to the Yemeni government stand by a tank near Hodeida, Yemen, on June 1. (Reuters)

The Saudi-led coalition fighting in Yemen on Friday strongly criticized a UN human rights mission after a request to continue its investigation into the "extremely alarming" situation in Yemen.

In comments released to AFP through the Saudi Information Ministry, the coalition said any extension should be a matter for the Yemeni government.

The coalition also criticized the "inaccuracy of the information in the report, which was derived from non-governmental organizations and the testimonies of some persons whose circumstances are unknown".

It also said the report "failed to mention Iran’s role in Yemen, and the countless violations perpetrated by the Houthis, both against the Yemeni people and against the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The coalition says the rebels have fired more than 185 missiles at Saudi Arabia since it intervened in Yemen in March 2015.

The UN Human Rights Council, which appointed the panel of experts a year ago, is expected to decide imminently on the request.

UN claims there have been nearly 10,000 confirmed deaths in the conflict since the coalition intervened in 2015.