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Parl. Committee to pass 'no-confidence vote' on PM Abadi

PM Haider al-Abadi
Iraq's caretaker Prime Minister Haider Al Abadi

Iraq’s pro-Iran bloc Building Coalition’s MP Ahmed al-Kinany affirmed on Thursday that a parliamentary committee intends to pass a no-confidence vote on Iraq's caretaker Prime Minister Haider Al Abadi.

The decision against Abadi, who has been the Prime Minister of Iraq since September 2014, came “because of the deteriorating situations that Basra has been witnessing recently,” Kinany said in press remarks.

Protests have been staged all over Basra, which later spread to other Iraqi cities, demanding better public services, clean water, and regular electricity supply.

Basra residents say salt and bacteria, as well as other chemicals, seeping into the water supply has made it undrinkable.

According to news outlets, the contaminated water supply has sent over 20,000 people to hospitals.

During the protests, demonstrators burned the headquarters of Iranian-backed groups and Iran’s consulate in Basra amid public outrage.