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Dawa Party's stay in power extends Iran's control over Green Zone, observers say


Observers have stated that appointing a new prime minister from the Islamic Dawa Party means continuous Iranian control over the Green Zone.

The Dawa Party has completely failed. The party's secretary-general, Nouri al-Maliki, is the ugly face that is trying to bring it back into existence.

The terrorist Dawa Party has held the reins of power in Iraq for nearly 15 years. It promised Iraqis a paradise after the demise of the former regime of Saddam Hussein. However, people did not find anything during that era except fire, hell, sectarianism and blood.

Iran established the party and brought it into existence. Maliki continues his role in exerting pressure on Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi at times, and offering reconciliation with him at other times, to give a pro-Iran candidate the most critical post in Iraq.


Recently, there are still attempts to restore the rule of the Dawa Party and settle on a nominee for the post of prime minister.

This comes less than a week after the leak of a letter signed by three of the most prominent leaders of the Dawa Party holding outgoing Prime Minister Abadi responsible for the disintegration the party is suffering. The letter also called for holding a party meeting in Baghdad in the presence of Maliki and Abadi.

Disintegration of the terrorist call

The letter blamed Abadi for the state of disintegration the party has suffered after entering the last parliamentary elections on two separate lists, under the Victory Alliance led by Abadi and the State of Law Coalition led by Maliki.

The party, in a statement, announced stressing "the importance of overcoming the difference of opinion within the party to strengthen the unity of its political position." The participants also stressed "the importance of activating the national role of the party and unifying the vision, program and effort of the two parliamentary blocs (Victory Alliance) and (State of Law Coalition), and the need to seek consolidation of the lists as a step toward the assembly of parliamentary blocs with common goals and programs."

The statement added that the meeting addressed the obstacles that prevented the achievement of these goals at the level of parliamentary blocs or at the national level, and it discussed ways to overcome these obstacles and determined appropriate mechanisms.

They also called for the importance of cooperation with other political blocs in order to accelerate the completion of the government's formation, which is consistent with the recommendations of the Supreme Reference and according to constitutional time intervals.

The history of the Dawa Party and the consequences of its actions affirmed that the survival of this entity would be harmful to Iraq.

Many independent politicians believe that the Dawa officials' involvement in their self-interests and the neglect of even the Shiites has brought the country into a primitive state that it has never experienced before, until the Shiite-majority provinces rose up against its rule, its corruption and the corruption of its officials.


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