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Bolton blames Iran for downing Russian plane in Syria

John Bolton
U.S. National Security Advisor John Bolton blamed Iran for downing the Russian plane in Syria, adding that it is responsible for attacks in Syria and Lebanon.

Bolton said Monday that the U.S. troops will remain in the region as long as Iranian forces "are outside Iranian borders."

Bolton also warned Russia of providing the Syrian government with S-300 missile defense systems, describing it as a “significant escalation” in a time of already high tensions in the region.

Russia announced Monday it will supply Syria with extra S-300 systems after a Russian plane was shot down by Syria defense systems. Russia earlier blamed Israel fighter jets for pushing the plane into the line of the defense fire. The incident resulted in the death of 15 people on board.

Meanwhile, Yemeni Minister of Foreign Affairs Khaled al-Yamani called on the international community to ramp up pressure on Iran to stop the latter's regional intervention and prevent it from smuggling weapons to Houthi militias in Yemen.
Last Modified: Tuesday، 25 September 2018 04:25 AM