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Controversial Iran's Moussawi expelled from Algeria

Amir al-Moussawi
After three years of his existence in Algeria, Amir al-Moussawi, Iran's cultural Attaché to Algeria was expelled from the country on Sunday.

The controversial Iranian official who was appointed in 2015, did not mention the reasons of his departure. However, Moussawi is accused of lobbying the Shiite community in Algeria and spreading centers in order to rooting the Shiite ideology in the country.

Moreover, Moussawi is believed to be responsible for turning huge numbers of Sunni Muslims into Shiites, as number of Shiites have reportedly grown from 3,000 in 2013, to 100,000 Shiites by the end of 2017.

Moussawi has been known for his controversial statements, including insulting the wife of late Algerian President Houari Boumédiène.

He is also blamed for spoiling relations between Algeria and Morocco, as he openly stated that Tehran's army is ready to defend Algeria, referring to Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei's statement that Iran will not stop supporting its allies.
Last Modified: Monday، 24 September 2018 01:20 AM