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Bahraini author calls on Iraqis to support Basra's uprising

Muaffaq al-Khattab

Bahraini author and political analyst Muaffaq al-Khattab has warned the Iraqi people from the return of ISIS if they did not revolt against the government.


Through his official Twitter account, Khattab called on Iraqis to emulate people of Basra in protests against the government.

He said that terrorism will prevail in Basra, turning it into a new Mosul, in case Iraqi people did not stand by its people.

He added that scorching the headquarters of the parties and militias in Basra, and the continues protests against the corrupt government are a clear and strong response to the electoral fraud that took place in Iraq.

"Burn down their headquarters and protect your property. Do not rebel for [food], water and electricity. Rebel for your dignity," Khattab stated.

Last Modified: Monday، 24 September 2018 01:27 AM