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Hussein Mu'ayyad: Ahvz problems will not end until people's demands met

Hussein al-Mu'ayyad

Sunni scholar and politician Hussein al-Mu'ayyad addressed the current situation of Ahvaz, saying that the turmoil will continue until the fair demands of its people are achieved.


Mu'ayyad slammed the Mullah regime, saying that it only knows the language of brute force.


On his official Twitter account, Mu'ayyad asserted that the military attack carried out by the Ahvaz National Resistance has foiled the military parade of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC).

The Ahvaz National Resistance is one of the groups comprised by the Arab Struggle Movement for the Liberation of Ahvaz (ASMLA).

ASMLA has claimed responsibility for an attack on IRGC's military parade on Saturday, which took place in Iran’s southwestern city of Ahvaz, a statement released by the group said.

“This action was part of our legitimate resistance, and no civilians were targeted in the attack,” the statement added.

Security and intelligence forces attacked a number of Ahvaz districts, imposing a fierce crackdown on the city's local residents following the bloody attack. According to the latest reports, the death toll has risen to 29, with over 50 injured.

Last Modified: Sunday، 23 September 2018 11:36 PM