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Sarwa Abdul Wahid: First woman to run for Iraq presidency

Sarwa Abdul Wahid

Sarwa Abdul Wahid, former deputy of the Change Party, presented her official papers as a nominee to Iraq’s presidency.

"I will announce my candidacy for the post of President of the Republic on Sunday, in order to take the first step to break the base of quotas and the distribution of posts on the basis of my components," Abdul Wahid told RT in her first statement on the nomination. "I hope to be able to achieve my goal of reaching the first woman for this position,” she added.

Sarwa Abdel Wahid worked mainly in journalism field before entering politics and running to hold a position at the "Change Bloc" headed by Nawshirwan Mustafa.

Abdul Wahid is one of the most prominent politicians who are opposed to Barzani's rule in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

According to RT, Abdul Wahid's brother is the young businessman Shahwar Abdul Wahid, who owns residential complexes in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq and heads the "New Generation" party, which won four parliamentary seats in the last legislative elections. He also owns the Nalia Media Foundation, including NRT and NRT in Arabic, which was closed months ago.

In July, Abdul Wahid stressed that the large political blocs will dominate forming the new Iraqi government process.

She added that the opposition front would include small blocs that did not get more than two seats in the upcoming parliament, pointing out that these blocs will not be represented in the new government because large blocs will dominate it.

She also said that Shiite alliances will not witness a significant change after the completion of manual re-counting of parliamentary elections votes, noting that Kurdish alliances will witness changes after the announcement of the elections final results.

Last Modified: Sunday، 23 September 2018 10:47 AM