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Iraqis will not accept anything less than reform: Mutlaq

Saleh al-Mutlaq
Saleh al-Mutlaq, the secretary general of the National Dialogue Front, said, "The Iraqi people will not accept anything less than reform and change, and will not compromise the patchwork procedures."

During his meeting Saturday with the president of the political body of the Sairoun alliance, Nassar al-Rubaie, Mutalq said, "The demands of the demonstrators must be met, along with the serious movement and abandonment of the methods of delay and postponement that some are trying to take in order to distract the Iraqi street, and the illusion that what happens in the corridors of politics, from deals, suppression, intimidation and incitement, is change and reform."

The two sides discussed the strengthening of the alliance and the understanding between Sairoun and the nationalists in the bloc of reform and reconstruction. They also discussed the names proposed for the post of president of Iraq.