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Iraqi Foriegn Ministry says new gov't formation 'national Iraqi matter'

Iraqi MOFA Spokesperson Ahmed Mahgoub
Spokesperson of Iraq's Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ahmed Mahgoub
The Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs affirmed on Thursday that the formation of a new Iraqi government is considered to be a "national Iraqi matter."

The ministry added in a statement, which expressed the ministry’s surprise after a tweet by Jon Wilks, the British Ambassador to Iraq, regarding the formation of the new government, that the roles of the government are being assigned by Iraqi citizens through the Parliament and under its supervision.


“I called on HE Iranian Ambassador for frank discussion about latest developments in Iraq,’ Wilks tweeted on Thursday. “We agreed that the next Iraqi government has to improve its delivery of services and jobs to the people.”

The statement also said the ministry is hoping for more regional and international support to the political process in Iraq to preserve its sovereignty.

“Today, Iraq is fulfilling the constitutional requirements for the political process through electing a Parliament speaker and two deputies, while paving the way for the election of a new president, and thus, a new government,” the statement said. “The new prime minister will be responsible for forming a new cabinet on professionalism and efficiency basis to be able to achieve and overcome hinders, so that Iraq could fill its destined stature globally and regionally.”

Last Modified: Thursday، 20 September 2018 01:50 PM