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Saairun keen on having candidate who meets Sadr's 40 conditions: Khazaal Salman


Saairun (Marching towards Reform) Alliance Representative Modar Khazaal al-Salman denied that the alliance has settled on a certain candidate for the prime minister post.

Salman affirmed Wednesday his alliance's keenness to have a candidate who meets the conditions of the religious reference, specifically the forty conditions of Shia cleric Muqtada al-Sadr.

Salman said that there are certain candidates; however, discussions between political powers to pick one of them have not yet finished. He also revealed that a candidate will be chosen following the election of the Iraqi president.


Saairun Alliance official Ayman al-Shammari earlier said that the Parliament's presidential board will name its biggest bloc instead of the Federal Supreme Court of Iraq.


Shammari slammed recent media reports concerning choosing candidates for the post of prime minister, denying that any person has been settled on to take the post.

Last Modified: Wednesday، 19 September 2018 11:17 PM