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PUK has not reached agreement with any political party: Jalal Agha

The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK)
The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) said that the Kurds have not reached any official agreements with blocs and political parties in Baghdad.

PUK official Lawand Jalal Agha affirmed in a press conference that the PUK is contacting all parties, political leaders, and religious references, but they have not yet reached a final agreement with the blocs.

Agha explained that the national interest is the only concern of the PUK, adding that the PUK does not object to cooperating with any political person, bloc or coalition within the framework of the national interest.

The Kurdish official said that the PUK will choose to be an opposition party in the Iraqi Parliament if their demands are not met by political blocs, adding that this scenario is not the main choice currently.

Agha said that true guarantees have to be provided to carry out the national project in case the blocs are willing to negotiate and compromise.

Agha said that the PUK is waiting for the announcement of the Parliament's biggest bloc to decide who they will build an alliance with, adding that the PUK is waiting for the coalitions in Baghdad to take a clear and stable form.
Last Modified: Wednesday، 19 September 2018 12:56 AM