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Exclusive: Full list of names applied for Iraq’s presidency so far

Iraq Republic
Six names have applied to the post of Iraq’s presidency so far, according to a political source on Monday, who asked to remain unknown.

The list includes the Kurdish leader and member of Gorran Party Sardar Abdullah, Iraqi Minister of Water Resources under the government of Nouri al-Maliki ‘Latif Rashid,’ the leader in the Kurdish Democratic Party (KDP) Mala Bakhtiyar, Fazil Mirani –also a KDP leader-, the former prime minister of the Kurdistan Regional Government and a former deputy prime minister of the Iraqi federal government Barham Salih, and the former MP Salim Shoshaki.

The newly-elected Parliament Speaker Mohamed al-Halbusi announced on Sunday that presidency candidates can apply online starting from Monday, through the Parliament's website.
Last Modified: Tuesday، 18 September 2018 10:45 PM