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Kaabi pledges to activate Parliament's role to meet people's aspirations

Hassan al-Kaabi
Parliament's First Deputy Speaker Hassan al-Kaabi has pledged to activate the legislative and supervisory role of the Parliament to meet the aspirations of the Iraqi people.

Kaabi also pledged to work on developing the role and the efficiency of the parliamentary committees and the Parliament's offices in Baghdad and other provinces.

He affirmed that the commitment of the presidency and the Parliament to ratify essential laws that address the needs of citizens, follow up on the execution of previous projects, and combat all forms of terrorism at all levels, with the aim of achieving reform.

Iraq's Parliament elected Sunni, pro-Iran lawmaker Mohammed al-Halbusi as speaker on Saturday, marking an important step towards establishing a new government four months after an inconclusive national election.

Halbusi announced on Sunday that presidential candidates can apply online through the Parliment's website starting Tuesday.