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VP Najafi discusses gov’t formation with SPE McGurk


Vice President and Leader of Al-Qarar Alliance  (Decision Alliance) Osama Najafi met Monday with US Special Presidential Envoy for the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS Brett McGurk to discuss the latest developments over the current political scene and the formation of a government that is able to aid and revive the country.

On Saturday, the Iraqi parliament elected a new pro-Iran speaker and a first deputy speaker, paving the way to the formation of a new government to break the state of paralysis that hit Iraqi politics since the May 12 ballot.


On May 12, a law was passed by the parliament ordering a nationwide manual recount of votes in the May 12 parliamentary election for “serious violations”, according to the Iraqi prime minister.


The meeting was also attended by US Ambassador to Iraq Douglas Silliman.


Najafi affirmed the necessity of holding a presidential election and electing a prime minister, coinciding with the constitution.


The Iraqi Prime Minister also stressed keenness to achieve national consensus and prevent the wills of Iraqis from getting hindered for the sake of malicious goals that are not in the interest of the homeland and citizens.


He also pointed out that Iraq needs a president who has enough expertise, efficiency and ability to preserve and adhere to the constitution, in addition to a prime minister who would save Iraq from international conflicts and expand relations with the international community to serve the country’s interest.


For their part, McGurk and Silliman expressed their appreciation to Najafi’s expertise, competence and his needed guidance to support the political process in Iraq.