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Former VP Adil Abdul Mahdi reiterates rejection to run for PM

Iraqi Former Vice President Adil Abdul Mahdi
Iraqi Former Vice President Adil Abdul Mahdi refused to run for the position of the Prime Minister again, due not to lose his popularity.

In a letter presented to the public on Sunday, Abdul Mahdi said he believes that he will soon be opposed by the majority, in a way that deprives him of the required support.

Giving further details, the former vice president said that some opposition blocs will oppose the economic reform he proposes. He pointed out that their intervention in the state’s institution will put obstacles in his program.

Abdul Mahdi upheld in his letter the separation of powers model and preventing of some parliamentarians from intervening in government's executive and judicial duties.

Abdul Mahdi also showed his support, unlike some political powers, to citizenship rights, and treating all citizens equally, no matter their religion or belief.
Last Modified: Monday، 17 September 2018 02:05 AM