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Basra deputy Sakini says random arrests ‘add insult to injury’

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Basra protests
Basra deputy of Sairoun Coalition, Rami al-Sakini, affirmed Sunday that the continuation of random arrests of protesters and activists in Basra has worsened the governorate’s situation.

Sakini affirmed the importance of preserving the rights of protesters, away from counting on secret information and extracting forced confessions.

He also pointed out to a “state of wonder” as a result to the lack of resources and response to popular demands, not to mention the ongoing issues, which include the salt tide.

“What added insult to injury is the ongoing random arrests of activists and protesters; as 30 peaceful protesters and activists were arrests the day before yesterday,” Sakini said in a statement. “We refuse the continuation of the dramatic oppression and terror against protesters who fear getting arrested or their houses to get raided.”

Sakini also stressed that demands to preserve the rights of protesters and activists coincide with calls for the independence of security authorities and support of the country’s security forces.

Over the past month, Basra witnessed wave of protests against the deteriorating conditions and poor services at the government.