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Algeria apologizes for sectarian chants in match between them, Iraq

Iraqi players leave, angry, the lawn of the Omar-Hamadi stadium in Algiers, Sunday evening
Iraqi players leave, angry, the lawn of the Omar-Hamadi stadium in Algiers, Sunday evening

The Iraqi Football Federation announced on Tuesday receiving an apology from Algeria following the sectarian chants of Algerian football fans during the match that took place on Sept. 9 between the Algiers' Sports Union of the Algiers Medina (USMA) team and the Iraqi Air Force team at the Arab Club Champions Cup.

The Algerian Football Federation president Mohamed Raouraoua conveyed his apology to the head of the Iraqi Football Federation, Abdul Khaliq Masoud, in a phone call, according to a statement issued by the Iraqi Football Federation.

Masoud asked Raouraoua to issue an official apology from the USMA and the Algerian Football Federation (FAF) to the Iraqi Air Force club mission and impose the maximum penalties to the team of the Algiers Capital Union.


The Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs summoned the Algerian ambassador on Monday, over the “sectarian chants” related to the previous Iraqi regime made by the Algerian football fans during a match between Iraqi Quwa al-Jawiya and Algerian Etihad.

State media Al Iraqiyah reported on Saturday night that the country’s
Quwa al-Jawiya (Air Force) team, its delegation and fans withdrew from a
match with Algeria’s Etihad in the Arabic Teams Championship due to
“sectarian chants,” which mocked Saddam Hussein’s treatment of Iraq’s

The Arabic sports news outlet Kooora confirmed the report, adding the
withdrawal occurred in the second half, in the 72nd minute, as the Iraqi
team was trailing 2-0. The news outlet reported that the Union of Arab
Football Associations (UAFA) will meet to discuss the events and make a
final decision.