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Ex-MP rules out holding of 1st parliamentary session on Monday

Former MP Rahim Al-Darraji ruled out that the first parliamentary session will be held on Monday.


Darraji explained that political blocs have not reached an agreement on the three presidencies, including the President, Parliament Speaker and Prime Minister posts.


He underlined that the first parliamentary session could be postponed or held as an open session, which the Federal Supreme Court of Iraq considers as not permissible and in violation of the constitution.


In addition, he underscored that some MPs might ask the president to postpone the holding of the first parliamentary session, adding that this is contrary to the constitution, because the president does not have the authority to postpone or convert the session to an open one.


He explained that the constitution stipulates that the first session should be held after 15 days from the date of ratification of the Federal Supreme Court of Iraq on the results of the elections.


Darraji pointed out that if political parties have agreed on the candidate for the prime minister post, the rest of the cabinet posts will be occupied shortly after.


Furthermore, he said that the Federal Supreme Court of Iraq must intervene and dissolve parliament if the newly elected MPs failed to hold the first session in line with the constitution.

Last Modified: Monday، 03 September 2018 11:05 AM