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NWM urges Kurdish, Sunni blocs to form national alliance with al-Nawah

The National Wisdom Movement (NWM) headed by Ammar al-Hakim called on Wednesday the Kurdish and Sunni blocs not to miss such a historic opportunity through forming a national alliance along with al-Nawah alliance.


Al-Nawah Alliance, which includes Saariun, Victory Alliance, National Wisdom Movement and al-Wataniya Coalition, has reached advanced stages of dialogues n order to form the largest parliamentary bloc, adding that the bloc will include more than 165 MPs.

He added that such delay showed by those blocs to decide their final position will prompt the Shiite blocs to ally with each other and thus declare a Shiite majority.

In a statement, a leader with the NWM Habib al Tarfi said that Sunnis and Kurdish's delay in settling their position until meeting their demands by Shiite blocs is not possible, especially that the Parliament's first session is set to be held on next Monday.

He added that the Sunni and Kurdish blocs will lose a historic opportunity to form a national alliance that includes all Iraqi parties.


He added that such delay will also prompt the Shiite blocs to form a five-party alliance with more than 190 MPs, who will be able to form the coming government.

He continued that negotiations are still ongoing, as nothing has been clear despite the contradictory statements of Sunni and Kurdish blocs on joining alliances.

Last Modified: Wednesday، 29 August 2018 08:29 PM