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NWM warns of sectarian blocs return in Iraq

Ammar al-Hakim

National Wisdom Movement (NWM), headed by Ammar al-Hakim, warned of imminent  sectarian blocs within the current negotiations for the formation of the largest parliamentary bloc in Iraq.


In a statement, Salah Al-Arabawi, a member of the NWM's political bureau said that forming alliances only among Sunnis and other ones including only Kurds members will give an opportunity to the Shiite to form a new bloc again in order to form the largest parliamentary bloc, and thus Iraq will be dragged into sectarian chaos.


He urged the majorities of Sunnis, Kurds and also Shiites blocs to unite and form a consensual alliance able to form the largest bloc in Iraq.

Last Modified: Sunday، 26 August 2018 01:35 PM