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Security forces open fire at protesters in Basra

Iraqi security forces fired live ammunition and tear gas to disperse anti-corruption protests in Basra, a local source told The Baghdad Post on Wednesday.

Earlier in the day, dozens of civilians flocked to streets in Ezz el-Din vicinity in Basra to protest against corruption and lack of services.

Medics said that a protester was shot dead during clashes with security forces during a demonstration in Western Qurna oil field.

For the fifth week, Iraq has been witnessing sweeping protests in southern and central provinces, demanding development of services and eradication of corrupt figures.

The protesters make it more difficult to form a new government.

The High Commission for Human Rights said Sunday that 13 protesters were killed in clashes with security forces and 269 were injured.

A security source said that about 460 personnel were also injured.

Reports also confirmed that about 757 protesters were arrested noting that most of them were then released.
Last Modified: Wednesday، 15 August 2018 06:35 PM