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Biggest parliamentary bloc 'may be declared within two days: sources

Moqtada al-Sadr
The biggest parliamentary bloc is about to be declared, and the coming few days will further reveal the structure of that bloc, according to sources familiar with the parties' ongoing negotiations.
The sources, who asked to remain anonymous, said there have been intensive talks over the past few days among Victory alliance, State of Law, Fatah alliance and National Wisdom Movement for cutting a deal on the biggest bloc that will form the coming Iraqi government.
"Talks have reached very advanced stages," the sources noted.
'Till now, no party has officially signed on any agreement. But there are talks and efforts to include Sunnis and Kurds to the biggest bloc," they noted.
Raed Fahmi, a leader within Sairun, led by Sadr, said that the real negotiations for forming the government will start after the supreme federal court approves the results of the elections.
This comes amid reports suggesting Fatal alliance and State of Law, who are close to Iran, won't be able to form the biggest bloc under the dome, noting Sadr will announce the biggest bloc in partnership with Victory alliance, Change Movement, NWM and Al-Wataneya.