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Iran dubs PM Abadi as "psychologically-defeated', draws harsh criticism

Iran dubs PM Abadi as "psychologically-defeated' draws harsh criticism

A new phase of deterioration in relationship between Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and the Iranian mullahs' regime looms after Abadi stated rejecting the U.S. sanctions on Iran, but he would abide by it only to maintain the Iraqi interests.


Shiite cleric Mojtaba Hosseini, who is considered to be Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei's representative in Iraq, has strongly criticized the Iraqi Prime Minister, who was described as the ' psychologically defeated'.


This has aroused serious reactions about Abadi's future and the name of Iraqi's coming premier.


Irresponsible Prime Minister

Abadi has previously said that Iraq does not agree with U.S. sanctions against Iran but will abide by them to protect its own interests.

“As a matter of principle we are against sanctions in the region. Blockade and sanctions destroy societies and do not weaken regimes,” he said at a news conference.


“We consider them (sanctions on Iran) a strategic mistake and incorrect but we will abide by them to protect the interests of our people. We will not interact with them or support them but we will abide by them,” he added.


Abadi's statements on the U.S. sanctions on Iran faced by a  harsh criticism by Iraqi political parties close to Iran.


U.S. President Donald Trump has also pledged that firms doing business with Tehran would be barred from the United States, as new U.S. sanctions against Iran took effect.


The United States and Iran, increasingly at odds, are Iraq’s two biggest allies, and the sanctions put Abadi’s outgoing government in a difficult position.


 Iraq's interest

This comes as the Prime Minister confirmed that Iraq's decision to abide by the US sanctions imposed on Iran, aims to maintain the Iraqi general interest.

"Can I, the prime minister of Iraq, endanger the interests of Iraqis just to take a stand?" he said. "We don't sympathize with the sanctions, we don't think they are appropriate, and we don't interact with them, but we are committed to protect our people."


He added that "the Iraqi government can not take any position that can not be consistent with the interests of the Iraqi people, and therefore the commitment to US sanctions on Iran came from this interest."


Iraq is the second-largest purchaser of Iranian non-oil exports, buying some $6 billion worth of goods from its eastern neighbor in 2017, Abadi added.

In the same vein, Mazhar Mohamed Saleh, a financial adviser to Haider Abadi, uncovered that there in a diplomatic move to prevent the damage caused to the Iraqi citizens' interests due to the U.S. sanctions.


"In any case, the government will seek to solve all the problems related to this issue, it will look for corresponding mechanisms to neutralize the [sanctions'] influence on the Iraqi market", he added.


Observers considered that Khamenei's representative direct criticism against Abadi would minimizes the latter opportunities to be re-elected as prime minister in the coming government.


They added that such criticism uncovers Iran's bowing policy in facing the U.S. sanctions, which caused the Iranian regime to get dizzy.

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