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Commander of border guards' statements on Iran questionable: observers

Commander of Iraqi Border Guards Hamid Abdallah Ibrahim.

Observers have questioned the press statements made by Commander of Iraqi Border Guards Hamid Abdallah Ibrahim on Iran, during his meeting with Iranian Police Commander Hossein Ashtari, as Ibrahim stressed his country's support to the mullahs, despite Iranian regime's meddling in the internal affairs of Iraq.


They said that his remarks threaten the sovereignty, security and stability of Iraq, as Ibrahim's statements contradict Iraqi government's firm stance, which respects the US economic sanctions imposed on Iran.


Also, observers wondered about Ibrahim's role, in light of his recent comments on Iran, whether he seeks to secure the Iraqi borders or Iranian ones.



In addition, they doubted Ibrahim's intentions to carry out his duties of protecting the Iraqi borders by countering drug smuggling and terrorist activities, or helping Iran gain profits from these activities.


Ibrahim claimed that his country would stand by Iran, same as Iran stood by Iraq in its war on terrorism, seemingly forgotten Iran's financing of terrorist groups and operations in Iraq.


He commended Iran for what he described as helping Iraq in the security sphere and deploying experts for assistance.


The Iraqi commander also expressed the hope that growing stability in Iraq would allow for efforts to strengthen joint border security by constructing new border posts and dispatching equipment to the border areas.



For his part, Ashtari said that existing of complete security in Iran-Iraq borders has lessened terrorist activities in the region.


Promotion of Tehran-Baghdad security cooperation is inevitable, Ashtari underlined.


He further referred to the presence of terrorist groups in certain joint border areas to create insecurity in the region, stressing the two neighboring countries should enhance bilateral cooperation to counter the terrorists.



Ashtari pointed out that the two countries have reached good achievements and agreements to promote bilateral cooperation in the field of border security.


Experts told The Baghdad Post that Ibrahim should be investigated over his statements, which does not reflect the Iraqi government's position towards Iran, but only his own, stressing he is not authorized to declare Iraq's support to Iran.

Last Modified: Monday، 13 August 2018 03:37 PM