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2 Iran-allied IMIS terrorists wounded in bomb blast in northern Hilla

2 Iran-allied IMIS affiliates wounded in bomb blast in northern Hilla

Two terrorists affiliated with the Iranian Militias in Iraq and Syria (IMIS) were wounded in a bomb blast that rocked Alexandria district, northern Hilla city, a police source told The Baghdad Post on Monday.

The source added that the bomb blast targeted an IMIS checkpoint at Al-Bohairat area, northern Al-Hilla City, leaving two wounded.

They were taken to hospital for treatment.


IMIS are fomenting terror in the country as they heavily depend on support from Iran. Their foremost aim is to enforce demographic changes in the Sunni regions in Iraq. 

Many international and local human rights organizations accused IMIS of committing sectarian genocide against Sunnis in Iraq, as the terror militiasaim to make a demographic change in Iraq to carry out Iran' Mullah Shiite crescent plan.

Last Modified: Monday، 13 August 2018 12:05 PM