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Iraqi central bank warns of having dealings in US dollar with Iran

Iraqi Central Bank obtains membership of AAOIFI
Iraqi central bank has called on the other banks to stop dealings in US dollar with the Iranian ones.
The deputy governor of the bank Monzer Abdel-Qader al-Shkhaili, said, according to an official document, that the board of the bank decided to continue banning dealings in US dollar with the Iranian banks.
"As to the euro, the whole matter is left up to the discretion of the banks that have dealings in euro and the European Central Bank," he added.
In a statement on Friday, premier Abadi said Iraq will be prompted to ditch dealings in US dollar when it comes to trade with Iran due to the ongoing US sanctions.
The first package of the US sanctions has taken effect since August 7. This comes amid a tougher stance being implemented by the US administration to curb the Iranian terror and nuclear ambitions.